Multi-Purpose Tool & Staple Remover Press Release

MADI has introduced a truly multi-purpose driving tool that removes staples, will hold conductors, butt checks poles, and can be used as a drift pin.

Most linemen will want to replace their screwdriver with this innovative tool.  Today, a lineman will use a screwdriver to perform other jobs – holding conductors, butt checking a pole, using as a drift pin and driving out bolts.  MADI has developed the Staple Remover that can do all those things plus remove buried staples.  The unique tip design of the Staple Remover surrounds the buried staple and the case hardened cap enables you to strike the end to remove the staple.

This is a great complimentary product to the line of MADI Lineman Hammers launched earlier this year.

Catalog #:  SR-1 (Staple Remover)

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