MADI One-Flip Lineman Knife Range Press Release

This new range compliments the Spring Assisted Lineman Knives that have been so successful.  What is different is that ONE button allows you to FLIP your knife open or drop it closed while keeping your GLOVES ON while only using ONE hand!  The blade gravity design requires you to flip it open with the button pushed and once you push the button from an open position it drops closed.

So, safety wise in addition to using with your gloves on, the knife will only open or close when the push button is activated.  There are three blade options including the new and improved SAFETY Blade design which will minimize if not eliminate unwanted cuts while maximizing proper skinning and cutting applications.

Features & Benefits of the MADI ONE-FLIP Range:

  • Highest Grade Stainless Steel for Maximum Durability and Sharpness
  • Pointed Tip, Blunted Tip or Safety Blade Options
  • Blade Locks Open and Closed
  • Push To Open & Close – Enables Quick One Handed Opening and Closing with Work Gloves On
  • Reversible Belt Clip

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Designed With Safety & Efficiency In Mind

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