Mini FlatRound™ Wire Brush Press Release

MADI has introduced the MINI FlatRound Wire Brush.   The most innovative wire brush specifically built for all Distribution work.

The MINI FlatRound Wire Brush encourages linemen to brush because it is uniquely designed to make wire brushing easier and more convenient than ever.  The MINI FlatRoundTM has two designed brushing surfaces, one side for flat connections and the other for round connections.

The flat wire brush can be used on any flat surface, such as pads on the pad-mounted transformer, hylugs and all cable – round to flat connectors. The round wire brush covers conductors up to 1000 MCM which covers most Distribution conductors.  The WB-1 Small Wire Brush fits both ends and is easily replaceable.  This is the same wire brush that fits the BrushBlade Lineman Knife.

The MINI FlatRound Wire Brush is durable, lightweight (weighs less than ½ pound) and is made of non-conductive material.  The design of this tool eliminates lineman hand and leg discomfort currently experienced with other wire brushes.  The built-in snap ring makes it easy to store on belts or in bucket trucks.

Properly brushing all types of connections helps decrease outages and bad connections therefore generating significant savings for Utilities.

Catalog #:  MFRWB-1 (MINI FlatRoundTM Wire Brush)

Catalog #:  WB-1 (Small Wire Brush Replacement)

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