About Us

Founded by an experienced lineman

It started with an idea…

Ralph Stinson, a lineman with a 45 year career, was tired of workers climbing to rip down vines with tools not designed to do so. So in 2011 he founded MADI and released the Deviner product. As a lineman and ultimately a crew supervisor, he was able to observe what worked and what needed improvement.

– Ralph Stinson with the Deviner

The OneFlip Safety Knife

The SlotSocket

The Milled Hammer

…and continues with a mission to improve the industry through innovation.

“Throughout my 45 year career at a major utility company, I had the opportunity as lineman and as a crew supervisor to observe what worked and what needed improvement. My desire is to make a lineman’s work easier and more efficient through the development of new and exciting products for the industry.”
–Ralph Stinson

Innovative Lineman Tools

Designed With Safety & Efficiency In Mind

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We are always looking to partner with other innovators to help get their ideas from concept to reality. We also want to partner with distributors to ensure they are well-stocked and ready to supply the needs of all linemen.