Tri-Penta™ & Penta Socket Driver Product Press Release

The PENTA-DRIVERTM range of products features the Tri-Penta WrenchTM.

This underground utility wrench combines three everyday functions into one convenient tool.  The ¾” Penta Socket opens transformers and switch gears and is removable.  The addition of a high visibility patent pending Speed SleeveTM helps linemen open those transformers and switch gears up to 2X faster than standard penta sockets or wrenches.  It also comes with 2 other tools built into the handle – the integrated Lid Lifter lifts hand hole lids and the 3/8” Screwdriver is great for opening secondary or primary doors.

Catalog #:  TP-1

MADI has also launched the Penta Socket Driver featuring the new Speed SleeveTM

The Penta Socket Driver can be utilized in any ½” drive wrench or in any drill driver with a 3/8” socket adapter.  This is perfect when space is limited and the tough angle calls for a ratcheting wrench or even an impact wrench.  The socket is impact rated for Torque and when using the drill the Speed SleeveTM helps stabilize the operation and keeps your hand or gloves from experiencing any twisting or friction. It also includes a 3/8” drill adapter.  Both the drill adapter and the penta socket are removable.

Catalog #:  PSD-1

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