Claw Milled Lineman Hammer

New Claw Design – Same Great Features

Large milled-face head for driving lag screws and J hooks, this new Madi hammer features a claw end that’s perfect for removing ground wire and molding.

The 32 ounce head includes a small side hook for removing J-hooks and staples and the fiberglass non-conductive handle is long enough for two hands if needed.

Main Features:
  • Large Head for driving Lag Screws, “J” Hooks and Hard Heads
  • Claw End for Removing Ground Wire and Molding
  • Integrated Staple Puller (also replaceable – 5/64” Allen Key)
  • Integrated “J” Hook Remover
  • Fiberglass Non Conductive Handle
  • Longer Handle for 2 Handed Driving
  • 32oz Milled Face


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